How It Works

Simply follow these Easy steps.

It's simpler than you suspect. Follow 4 straightforward simple tasks.

Step 1

Create your CPay Account

Step 2

Fund and Obtain your Dollar Card

Step 3

Initiate Transactions, Scan QRcode

Step 4

Payment Completed, Money Transferred

About CPAY

Quick, Secure transactions, Installment Remittance With QR

CPay QR code Payment supports the ability of a device, application, or system to recognize and read QR codes. This support can be provided through a variety of methods, such as through built-in camera software, specialized QR code scanning apps, or integrated QR code reading functionality within other applications. In such cases, it's important to ensure that the QR code is compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms to maximize its effectiveness.

Money Transfers

Money transfers refers to the process of sending money from one person or entity to another party. And CPay makes this process super easy.

QR Code Support

QR code support refers to the ability of a device, application, or system to recognize and read QR code. CPay is the Best processor for such.

Tried Dependability

CPay is consistent in reliability. A system that has been proven over time through extensive testing and use.

5 Ways to Secure your CPay Account

We provide some awesome features that are very much helpful in Securing your account on CPay.

SMS or Email Verification

Cpay uses Both email and SMS to make more secure authentications, including Google ad three other App authenticators. There are pros and cons to everything, use and understand CPay to know better.

KYC Solutions

We ensure to Protect sensitive informations with our GDPR compliant tech softwares - no server connection needed. Easy submission Processes, and you are set to go in a jiffy.

Two Factor Authentication

2FA, is an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of online accounts beyond just a username and password.

End-to-End Encryption

Your transactions are not been eavesdropped on. CPay End-to-end encryption is a system of communication where only the users communicating can read their transactions or messages.

Behavior Tracking

This is a technique that we (CPay) use to create targeted analysis, to better offer suitable advertisements and campaigns to you. Which you can opt out on at anytime.


CPay is a partnership of CLEMERS LTD & Jebiz Innovation Ltd. Available all round the Globe.

In 2023, a financial institution generated $6.8 billion in income. Have you ever finally just gave in to the temptation and read your horoscope in the newspaper. That's how we felt and ventured into Fintech.




Payment Gateway






Send Remittance

Financial institutions play a vital role as they serve as a platform for money exchange.

Send Money Now

Finances Through Secure Banking Practices

Starting with our virtual Dollar Cards, we offer the cheapest exchange rates, irrespective of your location and the currency you use. CPAY is also essential for protecting your money and personal information. Here are some tips to help you maintain financial security on CPAY.



Monitor your account balances and transactions, locate use Our Cards anywhere, transact funds, transfers, and conveniently add funds through well checked processors.



There is no need to physically go to a credit union branch to carry out the daily tasks mentioned earlier. CPay is here to save you a lot of time.


Bank on the go

CPay is a Bank on the go, no need to physically go to a banking branch to carry out the daily transactions. CPay looks forward to further digitalize your activities using crypto currencies, via the Blockchain technology.



Make your daily, weekly and monthly bill payments effortless by scheduling automatic payments with a hassle-free setup process.



Obtain electronic or print hard copies of your financial statements from your CPay Dashboard, to keep for tax or personal records. and other verifications that May arise.


Current Statements from Active users

Statements and reviews from satisfied customers and clients using the CPay platform. This demonstrates their positive experiences with the Clemers Payment System.

Tobey Marshall

Digital Creator

Dollar Cards

As a Digital Creator, I always find it challenging to initiate international transactions, due to my current location (Nigeria). But with the introduction of CPay Global Cards, I have been able to surpass all problem.

Josephine Sunday

CEO at JoJo-Flele

Send Money System

CPAY is revolutionizing the payment technology industry, by offering a credit card processing model that focuses on powerful payment technology, real human customer support, and simple merchant services.

Alexa Marshall

Social Acc. Manager


Reliable, efficient, secure, and cost-effective. You can totally depend on CPay for whatever Money request, or remittance deal you are working on. They have Earned my trust and respect.